Chip and Pepper at JCPenney!

GO Designers at Target. Simply Vera at Kohl’s. Nicole Miller at JCPenney?

Can you remember when Mossimo started designing for Target way back when top designers were still trying to figure out how to mass market? “Career suicide” some speculated.

Then, Todd Oldham and Isaac Mizrahi followed suit and the world of fashion opened up to billions of soccer moms, students, and average folk at a fraction of the cost! Hallelujah! There is a God after all.

I just discovered that Chip and Pepper — yeah, that Chip and Pepper — has designed an affordable version of their premium jeans for JCPenney, sold in their juniors and men’s departments! They call it C7P.

I’m so glad the fashion world has finally recognized that we all want affordable, good clothing without having to go broke. It’s took them long enough, but now you can’t ever complain you can’t afford to look good. They have made it too easy for us! Happy shopping!

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